Vicair® Academy Pommel Cushion

Vicair® Academy Pommel Cushion

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The Vicair Academy Pommel Cushion

The Vicair Academy Pommel Cushion is ideal for individuals with adducted conditions, where the knees or thighs are pulled together. The cushion’s detachable medial thigh support gently separates the knees and/or thighs relieving the area of pressure that could normally result in pain.

The SmartCell filling ensures a softer padded surface between the knees and/or thighs, redistributing pressure in this area and therefore also reducing the risk for pressure ulcers. The detachable medial thigh support has its own separate cover, so it can be removed to facilitate forward transfers or catheterisation whilst remaining in the wheelchair.

Designed for users with adducted conditions, the Academy Pommel Cushion is divided into four adjustable sections with an easily detachable high pommel, covered separately and secured with a velcro strap.


  • Available height: 10 cm
  • Average weight: 850 grams – depending on size
  • Max. user weight: 250 kg
  • Machine washable: Yes. Max. 60°C

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