Vicair Allrounder

Vicair Allrounder

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The Vicair Allrounder

Active as you are, not all of your activities require or allow the use of a wheelchair. In these situations the Vicair AllRounder keeps you comfortable and helps to protect your skin. As it is easily buckled onto your body, it follows you around wherever you go.

Feel protected and secure during your sports and outdoor activities, when you sit in a normal chair or on any hard surface, or when you play on the ground. Afterwards you can simply put the entire AllRounder in the washing machine, then hang it up to dry and you are ready for your next adventure. Experience the freedom and explore your possibilities!!


Activities outside of the wheelchair | When seated on hard surfaces for long periods in time.


  • Height: n.a.
  • Average weight: 800 grams
  • Max. user weight: 100 kg
  • Machine washable: 60°C max.


  • Small: < 38 cm
  • Medium: 38 – 42,5 cm
  • Large: 43 – 48 cm

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