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Wheelchair Brands

At Gerald Simonds we work with a fantastic range of wheelchair brands!

Our wide range selection of brands means we are able to provide high quality products for all your needs – from safe and comforting wheelchair cushions through to high end powered wheelchairs. 

Not sure what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

  • Alber Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of Alber wheelchairs and power add-on’s

    Alber is the specialist provider of portable, versatile, and user-friendly mobility devices for wheelchairs.
  • Axiom Cushions


    Browse our range of Axiom cushions

    Axiom have formed a cohesive family of products with a “Best in Class” approach based on the Science of Seating.
  • Bodypoint Accessories


    Browse our range of Bodypoint Accessories

    Gerald Simonds are UK distributors for Bodypoint, at the forefront of positioning products.
  • Carbon Black

    Carbon Black

    Take a look at our Carbon Black chair

    Sleek and beautifully designed, the manufacturers see the Carbon Black chair not just as a mobility and independence aid, but a perception revolution that is changing the wider public’s view of wheelchairs and their users.
  • Flexel Accessories


    Browse our range of Flexel accessories

    Flexel provide a vast range of mobility products and accessories – from wheelchairs to tyres to bags to add-ons.
  • FreeWheel


    Browse our range of Freewheel wheelchair accessories

    Freewheel have created a fantastic wheelchair add-on to both a rigid frame and a folding wheelchair. The FreeWheel is your ticket to Freedom, Independence, and increased Mobility.
  • Gel Ovations Wheelchair Accessories

    Gel Ovations

    Browse our range of Gel Ovations wheelchair accessories

    Gerald Simonds are UK distributors for Gel Ovations, at the forefront of positioning products.
  • Invacare Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of Invacare wheelchairs, powerchairs and power add-on’s

    Today, Invacare is the global leader in home and long-term care medical products.
  • Jay Wheelchair Cushions


    Browse our range of Jay wheelchair cushions

    Designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect the skin and position the body, JAY’s comprehensive range of wheelchair cushions are highly comfortable, lightweight, low maintenance and can accommodate a wide range of mobility seating requirements.
  • Ki Mobility

    Ki Mobility

    Browse our range of Ki Mobility wheelchairs

  • Kuschall Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of Kuschall wheelchairs

    Kuschall offers a range of lightweight and active manual wheelchairs. Küschall active wheelchairs are designed to enhance your daily life and activities.
  • Kymco Scooters


    Browse our range of Kymco scooters

    KYMCO always go above and beyond to bring to customers the most thoughtful riding experience for everyday life.
  • Levo Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of Levo stand up wheelchairs

    At work, in school or at home, LEVO standing wheelchairs, offer exactly what you need: Independence, Mobility, Support, Health and Quality of life.
  • Motion Composites Wheelchairs

    Motion Composites

    Browse our range of Motion Composites wheelchairs

    Motion Composites offer a range of manual wheelchairs. Motion Composites use the very best technology to build ultra-lightweight, energy efficient and highly manoeuvrable wheelchairs that enhance mobility and improve people’s lives.
  • Neatech Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of Neatech beach wheelchairs

    Neatech offer the best beach wheelchair on the market.
  • OttoBock Accessories


    Browse our range of OttoBock positioning accessories

    Ottobock is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of prosthetic limbs, orthotic supports and wheelchairs that facilitate independence.
  • Permobil


    Permobil are a wheelchair manufacturing company specialising in power wheelchairs, power add-on’s and cushions. They hold the name of three companies; Permobil, TiLite and ROHO.
  • ProActiv Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of ProActiv wheelchairs & handbikes

    ProActiv offer a range of elevating wheelchairs and handbikes.
  • Progeo


    Browse our range of Progeo wheelchairs

    Progeo guides its clientele towards a product designed to be made-to-measure and that is able to express its own personality.
  • RGK
    RGK are a wheelchair company who manufacture sport and daily made to measure wheelchairs.
  • ROHO


    Browse our range of ROHO cushions

    ROHO are a brand specialising in seating and positioning systems.
  • StimuLite Cushions


    Browse our range of StimuLite cushions

    StimuLite lightweight cushions use a soft, flexible ‘honeycomb’ form to distribute weight uniformly, giving exceptional comfort and excellent postural stability.
  • Sunrise Medical Wheelchairs

    Sunrise Medical

    Browse our range of Sunrise Medical wheelchairs

    Sunrise key products are the Quickie range of manual and power wheelchairs.
  • Tarta Back Systems


    Browse our range of Tarta back systems

    Tarta offer two ergonomic backrests created by highly experienced professional technicians.
  • TiLite Wheelchairs


    Browse our range of TiLite wheelchairs

    TiLite designs and manufactures titanium and aluminum wheelchairs.
  • Triride
    Triride is the original patented assistive device. It is entirely Made in Italy and constantly developed to improve the quality life of users.
  • TruLife Cushions


    Browse our range of TruLife cushions

    The Relax range from Trulife offers a wide range of pressure relieving cushions for people at risk of developing pressure sores.
  • UNAwheel


    UNAwheel are the great creators of the UNAwheel Mini power add on. UNAwheel Mini is a category-defining product, which uniquely combines a sleek minimalistic design with advanced electric motor technology and lightweight patented structure.
  • Vicair Cushions


    Browse our range of Vicair cushions

    Vicair offer a range of seating solutions. Vicair’s primary goal is to make sure all wheelchair users can experience life to the fullest, without any risk to their health.

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