Vicair® Academy Vector Wheelchair Cushion

Vicair® Academy Vector Wheelchair Cushion

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The Vicair Academy Vector Wheelchair Cushion

The Vicair Academy Vector Wheelchair Cushion is available in ten standard sizes, the first Vicair cushion with physical height differences in its build. The two lateral compartments and the front middle compartment are 3cm higher compared to the middle rear section, giving extra lateral stability and providing a perfect balance of high-quality pressure distribution and stable positioning. The two side compartments running from front to back provide optimal thigh support.

Clinical tests have shown Vector to be useful in the most severe cases of recurring decubitus. As with all Vicair cushions, the Vector is adjustable in cell density, enabling individual solutions to different situations, such as in cases of severe body-asymmetry. The Vector’s unique design results in a cushion that is safe, easily maintained and ultra-low weight, a big advantage during transport or transfer.


  • Height: 6 and 10 cm
  • Average weight: 725 grams
  • Max. user weight: 250 kg
  • Machine washable: 60°C max

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