Vicair® Academy Multi Functional Back Cushion

Vicair® Academy Multi Functional Back Cushion

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The Vicair Academy Multi Functional Back Cushion

The Vicair Academy Multi Functional Back Cushion is suitable for use in wheelchairs that have a built-in shell or backboard. The back cushion consists of eight compartments, each filled with Vicair’s patented air-filled SmartCells™, divided into four zones, corresponding with the different anatomical regions of the back.

Excellent pressure redistribution, comfort and support make this back support cushion perfect for use in a large variety of situations. It can be used in several types of back systems and in tilt-inspace chairs with adjustable seat depth. The cushion is easily fixed onto the solid back support by use of hook and loop strips. With the Vicair Back Connector the Multifunctional O2 Back can also be used in tension adjustable backs such as the Vicair Strap Back. Although it automatically adapts to the body’s contours, the cushion can also be adjusted for optimal positioning, while the user is still leaning against the cushion. 100% machine washable and breathable, for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature and moisture regulation.


  • Length: 36-60 cm
  • Average weight: 975 grams
  • Max. user weight: 150 kg
  • Machine washable: 60°C max.
  • Loss of seat depth: 3 cm

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