Jay® J3 Back Systems

Jay® J3 Back Systems

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The Jay® J3 Back Systems

Jay® J3 Back Systems offer the widest range of sizes, shapes and options for clients that require a precisely fitted and individually tailored backrest. Suitable for moderate to high positioning. From the active to the elderly, the new Jay® J3 Back features an extremely versatile hardware package, flexible positioning system, and all-in-one package, dedicated to eliminating compromises such as backrest contours that fail to match the user or even back heights that are too tall or too short.

The J3 Back now offers even more possibilities for users and clinicians including a 12″ wide version for small adults and children!

  • Ability to personalise to the individual
  • Provides a precise fit for client size, function, and postural support needs
  • Lightweight design, ideal for active manual chair users or carers
  • Easy to fit two-point highly adjustable mounting hardware

The JAY® J3 Back offers 4 types of contour depths:

  • Shallow Contour (SC), with 50 mm depth
  • Mid Contour (MC) with 80 mm depth
  • Deep Contour (DC) & Mid Deep Contour (MDC) with 150 mm depth
  • An Extra Deep version is available on DC and MDC contours with 180mm depth, in some sizes

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