Jay® Easy Fluid Cushion

Jay® Easy Fluid Cushion

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The Jay Easy Fluid Cushion

The Jay Easy Fluid Cushion is an economical cushion developed primarily for individuals who require moderate positioning and pressure relief. It can be used with either a seat sling or a solid base and features a sacral notch, curved or flat base, lateral and medial thigh contours and comes with an integral Jay Flow fluid tripad for clients at high risk of skin breakdown.


  • Dimensions
    Width: 250mm – 600mm (25cm – 60cm)
    Height: 63mm (6.3cm)
    Depth: 250mm – 600mm (25cm – 60cm)
  • Weights
    Total Weight: 1.6 kg
    Maximum User Weight: 150 kg (23.6 stone)
  • Product Options
    Cover Type: Microclimatic and Incontinence (optional)

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