Jay® J3 Cushion

Jay® J3 Cushion

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The Jay J3 Cushion – Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay J3 Cushion is an excellent solution for the client at high to extreme risk of skin breakdown who requires lateral/rearward postural stability. It is designed for clients who may have moderate to aggressive positioning needs or needs that change over time. The J3 uses a modular seating system that features superior pressure redistribution, optimal postural stability, heat and moisture dissipation and comfort.

  • Customisable base with three PLA sizes (Pelvic Loading Area)
  • Choice of Fluid and Air Technology
  • Two Fluid Options and Two Air Options
  • Positioning Accessories
The J3 Cushion offers superior pressure redistribution and stability using a modular system that is built to the users clinical needs and preference.
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