Jay 3 Carbon Backrest, Back Systems

Jay 3 Carbon Backrest, Back Systems

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The Jay 3 Carbon Backrest

Choose your mounting system: The J3 Carbon Backrest is available with two different mounting systems. The rigid system offers fixed frame wheelchair users an ultra-lightweight two-point attachment whilst the two-point quick release system is ideal for folding wheelchairs. Both systems are easy- to handle- and offer the same adjustments in angle, depth, height and width to adapt to your individual needs.

Lightweight, strong and stylish: Carbon fibre is lightweight and strong – therefore the ideal material for this backrest. Offering the same strength as aluminium (but 60% lighter), the J3 Carbon backrest reduces the weight that a wheelchair user has to push and transfer. Day-by day, you’ll feel the difference!

Adjustable to your needs: Different needs demand different solutions. The four back heights (from 17cm – 38cm) focus on the active user with a need for low to moderate posterior trunk support. Mild lateral trunk support is provided by the 5cm contour depth.

Technical Data:

  • Maximum user weight: 125kg
  • Backrest width: 32 / 36 / 41 / 46cm
  • Backrest height: 17 / 24 / 30 / 38cm
  • Contour depth: 5cm
  • Width adjustment: 5cm
  • Depth adjustment: 4cm
  • Back angle: ± 20°
  • Backrest weight: From 690g (32cm wide backrest with quick release hardware)
  • Hardware: Fixed and quick-release versions
  • Accessories: Accessories bag and lumbar supports

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