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UNAwheel Coming Soon

What is the UNAwheel Mini? The UNAwheel mini is a light and stylish power add-on for a manual wheelchair. It attaches to the front of a manual wheelchair, lifting up the castors from the floor allowing the wheelchair to be powered by the fantastic UNAwheel. On a fully charged battery, the classy and wireless add-on […]

Jeans for Genes Day

Gerald Simonds Fundraising for Jeans for Genes Jeans for Genes is a fantastic charity which transforms lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the U.K. The charity helps improve the lives of children with life-altering genetic disorders. At Gerald Simonds Healthcare, we wanted to contribute to this amazing charity by organising our own […]

Buying a Wheelchair Guide

Gerald Simonds Healthcare – Buying a Wheelchair Guide The process of buying a wheelchair has never been simpler. Here at Gerald Simonds, we’ve made the buying process as easy as possible. You’ll have a designated mobility specialist to guide you through the entire process, providing you with support while you choose a wheelchair. Over 30 […]

Introducing CarbonBlack

CarbonBlack Wheelchairs Made from Carbon Fibre At Gerald Simonds, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with CarbonBlack, who have designed the CarbonBlack II.  A pioneering and futuristic wheelchair made almost entirely from carbon fibre; the super-lightweight material used in Formula One. Five times lighter than steel and up to three times the strength. […]

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