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UNAwheel Coming Soon

What is the UNAwheel Mini?

The UNAwheel mini is a light and stylish power add-on for a manual wheelchair. It attaches to the front of a manual wheelchair, lifting up the castors from the floor allowing the wheelchair to be powered by the fantastic UNAwheel. On a fully charged battery, the classy and wireless add-on can range up to 15km (9.3 miles) with a max speed of 16kmh (9.94 mph). The compact UNA can fit easily into your car and, if flying abroad, the power-add on meets air transport requirements.

Wheelchair user using the UNAwheel outside in sunny weather

A Closer Look

Ultra-light: 5.3kg

Private territory speed: max. 16 km/h

 Public roads speed: max. 6 km/h

Fits most wheelchairs: Basic & Active.

250 W motor: Small, but powerful enough to drive you indoors and outdoors.

15km Range: Perfect balance between battery weight and travel distance.

153 Wh Li-ion Battery: Meets air transport requirements.

Cost: £2250

wheelchair user using the UNAwheel indoors

When is it available?

The UNAwheel at £2250, will be available from October. However, the good news is we have demonstrations available by appointment. In addition we are taking pre-orders for the UNAwheel now! Contact us to book a demonstration with one of our Mobility Specialists.

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wheelchair user with UNAwheel and mountain backdrop


This video shows how to attach the UNAwheel to an active manual wheelchair.

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