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UNAwheel Power Add-on – Now Here!

UNAwheel Mini

Urban Power

At Gerald Simonds, we are delighted to announce that the UNAwheel Mini is available! One of the lightest wheelchair power add-on’s. Guaranteed to revolutionise the manual wheelchair market within the UK!

Take a closer look at the UNAwheel Mini Power Add-on here.

UNawheel power add-on

With the UNAwheel power add-on weighing just 5.3kg, a length of 85cm and a wheel diameter of 6”, the UNAwheel can be easily picked up with one hand! It meets all air travel guidelines and will fit in the boot of an average small family car. Ideal for days out or for taking on holiday. When not in use, the UNAwheel comes with a travel bag for easy transportation. In addition, the UNAwheel handles are detachable for easy storage.

The UNAwheel power add-on has a built-in rechargeable battery which provides 3 speed modes. The three speed modes consist of 1st (up to 6kph – for public roads), 2nd (up to 16kph for use on private land) and a reverse mode of up to 6kph.  A maximum range of 15km and enough power to climb a 14% gradient, the UNAwheel Mini can be attached or detached from most manual wheelchairs in 2 simple movements (in under 10 seconds).   The Central Positioning Mechanism of the unit allows the user to control their wheelchair with ease and comfort, while the LCD display keeps them up to date with travel time, current speed and battery level.

The UNAwheel Mini is a fantastic power add-on for urban towns and city dwellers!
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UNAwheel power add-on

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