UNAwheel Mini

£2,750.00 exc. VAT

Please Note: This item is currently Out Of Stock and we are awaiting news of the NEW MODEL being released.
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The UNAwheel mini is a light and stylish power add-on. Attaching to the front of a manual wheelchair it lifts up the castors from the floor allowing the wheelchair to be powered by the UNAwheel. Fits most wheelchair types and meets Air transport requirements: 153 Wh Li-ion battery.

Please Note: Updated model soon to be released.

Technical Spec:

  • Product Weight: 5.3kg
  • Range: 15km / 9.3 miles
  • Speed: Public roads speed – max. 6 km/h, Private territory speed – max. 16 km/h, Reverse mode (max. 6 km/h)
  • Motor: 24V 250W brushless, direct
  • Built-in-Battery: Li-ion 6.4 Ah 153.6 Wh
  • Built-in-Controller: 24V 250W
  • Length: 85cm
  • Wheel Diameter: 6″ / 15.24cm
  • Climbing Capability: Up to 14%
  • Foldable Handlebar: Consists of two pieces that can be easily detached and put into fancy travel bag
  • Maximum load: Max. 100 kg
  • Digital LCD-display: Provides all data you may need during your trip – current speed and speed mode, charge level, total travel time, etc.
  • Central Positioning Mechanism allows hands-free driving and makes you feel safe every second of your driving session
  • Electronic Braking System

See below our video on how to attach the UNAwheel Mini to an active wheelchair.

Click here to view how to attach the UNA to a basic wheelchair.