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 The ProActiv Hand Bike Range

‘Tis the season to be jolly with a Proactive Hand Bike!

As Christmas nears so does the colder, wetter and darker weather. Winter may not be everyone’s cup of cocoa, but with these brilliant ProActiv Hand Bikes, it can make it much more tolerable!

 The ProActiv Hand Bike range!

We have a range of four ProActiv hand bikes to choose from. All are great power add-ons to your wheelchair!

Freeway Steering Attachment : The Freeway makes your wheelchair an all-terrain vehicle! Whether you’re on forest paths, cobblestones, snow or sand, the Freeway makes travelling easy! The steering damper keeps the device on a straight track, even when there is no hand on the handle bar. A fantastic add-on for all seasons!

NJ1 Adaptive Bike  : Whether it is a trip into the city or a longer tour, the NJ1 adaptive bike allows for easy and comfortable travelling at all times, without having to leave your own wheelchair behind. Top-quality gear and brake components from the bicycle industry ensure precise switching of gears and braking. Perfect for beginners.

Product image of the NJ1 Adaptive Bike

NJ1 E-Assistant : This fantastic add-on supports you when you are pedalling at the set support level (4 support levels 35 %, 75 %, 150 % and 300 %) up to 24.9 km/h. A speed of up to 6 km/h can be reached using the starting assist without pedalling. The starting assist is operated using a thumb control switch (below the display or on the handlebar) or via a chin control lever. The traction device is available with a back-pedal brake, which makes its use particularly easy for paraplegics.

Man sits in wheelchair with a NJ1 E-Assist by lake

Spike Adaptive Bike : A simple and compact add-on for your wheelchair. The Spike can be used by children, teenagers and adults who like a simple compact bike. It is particularly light at 7.3Kg and due to a wide selection of hub gears, optimum adaption is possible for any user.

Young boy sits in a wheelchair with a Spike Adaptive bike

All bikes can be tested and demonstrated. Contact us for more details!

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