NJ1 E-Assistant

NJ1 E-Assistant

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Simply powerful. The NJ1 e-assistant is an adaptive bike with power assist. To maintain or enhance your cardio function you can pedal at the same time. The NJ1 uses maintenance free motors and thanks to lithium-manganese technology, one battery charge lasts for an average of 45km. (28 miles)

The NJ1 e-assistant always permits easy and independent forward motion with your own wheelchair. The BionX IGH2 supports you when you are pedalling at the set support level (4 support levels 35 %, 75 %, 150 % and 300 %) up to 24.9 km/h. A speed of up to 6 km/h can be reached using the starting assist without pedalling. The starting assist is operated using a thumb control switch (below the display or on the handlebar) or via a chin control lever.

The traction device is available with a back-pedal brake, which makes its use particularly easy for paraplegics. In addition, there is also the option of a crank freewheel at the back: The cranks can then be uncoupled for manoeuvring and it can be moved backwards easily using the handrims.

The BionX IGH2 is powerful for permanent support and has an integrated 2-speed automatic hub gear. From 12 to 16 km/h (depending on the wheel size), you shift to second gear automatically. No gear change fittings need to be operated. No cables or pulls on the handlebars are needed in connection with the hydraulic PRO ACTIV backpedal disc brake.

Downhill, the recuperation can be manually activated in four levels.

The traction device can be operated on public roads, as part of the Pedelec rules, without insurance and registration.