Vicair Active O2

Vicair Active O2

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The Vicair Active O2 Wheelchair Cushion

The Vicair Active O2 is a hybrid design, utilising both shaped foam and four rear SmartCell compartments, which provide a high level of comfort and skin protection and offload the sitting bones and tailbone area. The foam front makes transfers easy and improves wheelchair handling. The foam inlay is protected by an easy-to-clean fluid resistant liner. The rest of the cushion is 100% machine washable and breathable for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature & moisture regulation.

This cushion is available in two depths/thicknesses (6cm and 9cm) and also features a convenient, zippable storage pouch at the front for personal belongings.

The whole cushion is fully machine washable (up to 60C) once the foam has been removed.

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