FreeWheel Adaptor Kit for Folding Wheelchairs
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FreeWheel Adaptor Kit for Folding Wheelchairs

£135.00 exc. VAT

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FreeWheel Adaptor Kit for Folding Wheelchairs

By purchasing the FreeWheel Adaptor Kit, individuals with folding wheelchairs may now experience the independence, freedom and added safety the FreeWheel provides.  The FreeWheel lifts the front castors off the ground, turning your wheelchair into a sturdy three-wheeler.

Go Anywhere!

Grass, kerbs, and rough roads can be easily navigated. Resulting in vastly increased mobility and independence. The large front wheel has less resistance than small castors therefore making it easier to navigate rougher surface.

The mechanism keeps the front wheel straight to improve stability and handling. By applying slight pressure, it will release . As a result, this allows you to quickly and easily turn in any direction. Using the horizontal side tubing, the adaptor securely clamps on to a folding wheelchair. Once set up for the individual chair, it comes on and off in seconds, making it easy to use.

The Adaptor and FreeWheel may be used on wheelchairs that have 2 or 1 flip up footrest types.

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