Kuschall K Series 2.0
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Kuschall K Series 2.0

£2,540.00 exc. VAT

Please Note: Prices stated are for the BASIC chair. The cost of optional extras would increase this price, depending on your choices. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

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Kuschall K Series 2.0 Manual Rigid Wheelchair

The Kuschall K-Series 2.0 is an icon of design, a trendsetter in the monotube frame construction. The ingenious modular seating system will fit your needs and its dynamic set up will offer you a superb driving performance, to keep you on the move.

The hydroformed front frame will bring the design of your K-Series to another level. The new technology brings more stiffness and rigidity, for an unrivalled driving performance, adding striking lines and a clear design language to a timeless icon.

HYDROFORMED FRAME: Ergonomic grip, ideal for repositioning and transfers, frame angle available in both 75° and 90°.

LIGHT ACTIVE BRAKE: The new aluminium brake, with a minimalist design, brings lightness to unprecedented levels. Precision even in the smallest details.

TAPERED FRAME: Tapered frame allows the wheelchair to contour to your body for a sleek aesthetic.

FOOTBOW: Completely redesigned with a flat surface for greater comfort, and perfect positioning.

NEW BACKBRACE: Ergonomic back brace for increased grip when lifting during transfers. Lower brace positioning, ideal for Matrx backrests.

BACKREST: Folding backrest with six possible angle adjustments for different positioning needs.

SEAT MODULE: At the heart of the K-series. The seat module offers five different centre of gravity positions, allowing a choice of high activity or increased stability within the wheelchair, as standard.

CASTOR HOUSING: New aluminium profile welded to the front frame tube. Consistent design throughout the entire wheelchair.

FORK: New clean design and integrated bearings. Reduces the amount of debris collecting in the bearings, for increased performance.


ICONIC: With its iconic minimalist open frame and lightweight design, the K-Series gives you the ability to it’s getting to and from work, or pursuing your active hobbies, the K-Series gives you the freedom to be you.

MODULAR: Adjustments come as standard on the K-Series, so finding your perfect position is always guaranteed!
Possible Adjustments:

  • Front seat height,
  • Rear seat height
  • Centre of gravity
  • Backrest height and angle

DYNAMIC: All adjustments on the K-Series are on the seat module. This will ensure your castor fork angle is always fixed at the correct angle, ensuring a sharp and responsive performance for a superior driving experience.

HYDROFORMED FRONT FRAME: Hydroforming technology has added even more personality to the K-Series. An Iconic look that today becomes even more recognisable, with its straight edge design upfront. Complemented by its increased strength and rigidity in the frame, the K-Series driving experience is more responsive than ever.

Kuschall K Series 2.0 Technical Specification

  • SEAT WIDTH: 320 – 500 mm (in increments of 20 mm)
  • SEAT DEPTH: 350 – 525 mm (in increments of 25 mm)
  • LOWER LEG LENGTH: 290 – 480 mm (in increments of 10 mm)
  • BACKREST HEIGHT: 270 – 480 mm (in increments of 15 mm)
  • BACKREST ANGLE: 74° / 78° / 82° / 86° / 90° / 94°
  • SEAT HEIGHT: front: 450 – 520 mm, rear: 390 – 490 mm (in increments of 10 mm)
  • FRAME ANGLE: 75° / 90° (V-frame or tapered)
  • TOTAL WIDTH: SW + 170 mm
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 75°: approx. 830 – 1055 mm, 90°: approx. 760 – 985 mm
  • CENTRE OF GRAVITY: 80 mm / 95 mm / 110 mm/ 125 mm / 140 mm
  • CAMBER: 0º / 3º / 6º
  • TOTAL WEIGHT UNLOADED: approx. 7.8 kg
  • TRANSPORT WEIGHT: approx. 5.1 kg
  • MAX. USER WEIGHT: 130 kg
  • CRASH TEST: Approved – Fulfils the requirements of ISO 7176-19

*All measurements and weights indicated are based on seat width 400 mm and seat depth 400 mm in the lightest and most compact configuration. Weight and measurements can change with the different configurations.

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