Kuschall KSL 2.0
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Kuschall KSL 2.0

£3,005.00 exc. VAT

Please Note: Prices stated are for the BASIC chair. The cost of optional extras would increase this price, depending on your choices. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

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Kuschall KSL 2.0 Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

The Kuschall KSL 2.0 gives you the confidence to unleash your true potential. In style. On your terms. Un-limit your excellence, Un-limit your drive, Un-limit your world. Elegance encapsulates THE KSL®. Where pioneering engineering innovation meets elegant and seamless design throughout. Perfection in technology. Made to measure customisation for the experienced who know exactly what they want. A truly Super Light wheelchair, an essence of pure beauty.

With the fully welded hydroformed frame, the rigidity provides a graceful effortless driving performance anywhere you go. Never before has technique merged with design so perfectly. Lighter, stronger and incredibly rigid your THE KSL® has been perfected with optimum performance and design.

HYDROFORMED FRONT FRAME: Providing ergonomic grip, ideal for repositioning and transfers, with a choice of 75° or 90° frame angles.

LIGHT ACTIVE BRAKE: The new aluminium brake, with a minimalist design, brings lightness to unprecedented levels. Precision even in the smallest details.

CARBON AXLE: Structured carbon components to optimise weight reduction and driving performance.

TITANIUM FOOTPLATE: THE KSL® can also be customised with a Titanium footrest to offer significant weight reduction and increased durability.

FULLY WELDED FRAME: The fully welded frame combines aesthetics with performance. With a transport weight of just 4.3 kg, THE KSL® is the lightest Küschall chair ever.

CARBOLIFE HANDRIM: The innovative handrim profile enables you to maintain complete control, whilst the low effort grip reduces the stresses through the hands and wrists, enabling you to propel more comfortably for longer.

NEW FORK: New clean design with integrated bearings, reducing the amount of debris collecting in the bearings, for an increased driving performance.


MADE-TO-MEASURE: Made-to-measure concept for the lightest construction. Küschall Super Light brings a powerful geometry that flows seamlessly into the chair’s silhouette. For those who know their exact position, there are no unnecessary adjustments to add weight, keeping it light and minimalist with a sleek and attractive appearance.

SUPER LIGHT: To compliment the high end aesthetic look and lightness, The KSL is supplied with carbon clothes guards and axle tube as standard.

ELEGANT: The hydroformed footrest has been redesigned with a flat surface for increased support and comfort. It also follows the overall design language of the new Kuschall range.

HYDROFORMING: Hydroforming technology has added even more personality to the KSL. An Iconic look that becomes even more recognisable, with its straight edge design upfront. Complemented by its increased strength and rigidity in the frame, the KSL driving experience is more responsive than ever.

Kuschall KSL 2.0 Technical Specification

  • SEAT WIDTH: 340 – 440 mm (in increments of 20 mm)
  • SEAT DEPTH: 385 – 485 mm (in increments of 25 mm)
  • LOWER LEG LENGTH: 350 – 500 mm (in increments of 10 mm)
  • BACKREST HEIGHT: 270 – 420 mm (in increments of 15 mm)
  • BACKREST ANGLE: 74° / 78° / 82° / 86° / 90°
  • SEAT HEIGHT: front: 450 – 530 mm, rear: 400 – 480 mm (in increments of 10 mm)
  • FRAME ANGLE: 75° / 90° (V-frame or tapered)
  • TOTAL WIDTH: SW + 170 mm
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 75°: approx. 800 mm, 90°: approx. 730 mm
  • CENTRE OF GRAVITY: 80 mm / 95 mm / 110 mm/ 125 mm / 140 mm
  • CAMBER: 0º / 3º / 6º
  • TOTAL WEIGHT UNLOADED: approx. 6.8 kg
  • TRANSPORT WEIGHT: approx. 4.3 kg
  • MAX. USER WEIGHT: 100 kg

*All measurements and weights indicated are based on seat width 400 mm and seat depth 400 mm in the lightest and most compact configuration. Weight and measurements can change with the different configurations.

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