Jay® Balance Seating Cushion

Jay® Balance Seating Cushion

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The Jay Balance Seating Cushion

Combining the high skin protection qualities of the JAY2 cushion with the stability and positioning capability of the J3, the new Jay Balance Seating Cushion adds exceptional comfort to ensure that there are no compromises. With the optional positioning components the pelvic and thighs can be properly positioned for many clinical applications. Therefore the JAY Balance encourages orthopaedic alignment, increases sitting tolerance and accommodates changing user needs.

Innovative, Dual-Cover System.

  • Inner Cover – Two-way stretch dartex fabric is water resistant and easy to clean. The Aqua-guard zipper and anti-wicking thread ensure the base foam stays dry.
  • Outer Cover – Three cover options: Microclimatic, Incontinence and Stretch. Each cover option allows positioning inserts to be fitted without creating surface tension. The breathable microclimatic cover utilises 3DX™ fabric to dissipate heat and moisture for extra skin protection. All outer covers are machine washable at 60°C and quick to dry.

Technical Specifications

  • Cushion Width: 340mm – 60mm
  • Cushion Depth: 340mm – 600mm
  • Cushion Height: 8cm
  • User Weight Capacity: 150kg (340mm – 500mm widths); 225kg (560cm – 600mm widths)
  • Cushion Weight: 2.4kg (400mm x 460mm with fluid insert); 1.9kg (400mm x 460mm with air insert)
  • Inserts: Fluid, Single Air and Dual Air bladders
  • Positioning Kit: Optional

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