Decon E-Drive
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Decon E-Drive

£5,295.00 exc. VAT

Please Note: Prices stated are for the BASIC MODEL. The cost of optional extras would increase this price, depending on your choices. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

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The Decon E-Drive Power Drive

Experience the freedom with the Decon E-Drive and simplify everyday life. The new display is also visible in direct sunlight. The resistance in the lever is adaptable to the need (weaker or stronger springs).

The Decon E-Drive is a drive unit that is easily mounted on manual wheelchairs. It is equipped with hub motors of the latest technology. Here you can choose to use the engine or roll yourself. With E-Drive drive units, the opportunity is given for individual adaptation that provides quality for the user. The control is easily done with a joystick.

It is also possible to equip the E-Drive with caregiver operation. E-Drive is just as suitable for use indoors as outdoors. Li-ion batteries are categorized as dangerous goods according to IATA rules. In general (with suitable Class II packaging) it is not a problem to take this battery with you in the aircraft. The user must contact the airline before travel or booking.


  • Engine:  24V 120Wx2
  • Battery type:  Nickel metal hybrid, 24Vx6,7 Ah (optional L i-ion, 25Vx11,8Ah)
  • Weight wheel (1pcs.):  7 kg
  • Total weight:  16 kg (incl NiMH battery) , 17,5 kg (incl Li-iON battery)
  • Increase seat width:  Up to 4 cm (total)
  • Wheel dimensions:  16”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 25”, 26”
  • Air pressure:  6 Bar, 600 kPa
  • Speed:  0-6 km/h
  • Max range (with fully charged battery):  24″: ca NiMH 16 km, Li-ion ca. 30km 16″: 15 km NimH, 25 km Li-ion
  • Fuse:  30 A (flat)
  • Max user weight:  Up to 125 kg
  • Max user weight “Heavy-duty”: Up to 150 kg
  • Max gradient: 6 degrees
  • CE marking: In compliance with MDR 2017/745 class 1
  • Joystick: Contactless sensing of single-chip
  • Lever resistance change: Lever springs with different resistance levels
  • USB Port for phone charging: Through integrated USB port (5V, 500 mA max.)
  • Display: LCD (Visible in sunlight)
  • Program parameters: Joystick or computer (Smart Tune)
  • Battery charger: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Power rating: 37V. 26A (while charging)
  • Charging time: Normal charging ca. 2-3 hours

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