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FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Experience the FreeWheel!

As a wheelchair user, navigating terrain can be a challenge. Whether it’s the lawn in your garden, visiting a National Trust property or exploring cobbled Italian streets during a city get-away. Self propelling can become tiresome and frustrating on difficult terrain.

A beautiful wedding made possible with a FreeWheel.

What’s the solution?

The FreeWheel provides a fantastic solution! By clipping on the front, it lifts the castors off of the floor creating a three wheeled chair. As a result, glide over rough terrain with confidence. Fitting most manual wheelchairs, suitable for both adults and children. If you have a folding wheelchair, we provide a bracket and FreeWheel Adaptor Kit. 

The inventor of the FreeWheel had lived an active life before his accident. He was frustrated with the difficulty of  pushing around the garden while playing with his children, in addition it was wearing on his shoulders. Therefore, as an engineer he knew the answer was to lift up the small castors off of the floor, and have a large wheel at the front!

You can read the full story here.

Days out are now a breeze! Activities such as walking the dog, playing with the kids in the park and even navigating curbs are now manageable!

Walking the pooch is made much easier with the FreeWheel!

We are the UK distributor!

At Gerald Simonds Healthcare, we are proud to be the UK distributor of the FreeWheel wheelchair add-on. If you wish to purchase from a different country, take a look at the international dealers here.

Our online prices: 

All Terrain Add-On: £399

Adaptor Kit for Folding Wheelchairs: £499

 Folding Bracket: £120




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