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Wheelchairs for Children

Children’s Wheelchairs

At Gerald Simonds, we have a range of children’s wheelchairs from the Levo Combi stand-up powerchair to a few manual wheelchairs. We understand that not everyone is the same and choosing a wheelchair is a big decision to be made (not matter what age!). At Gerald Simonds, we offer a fit to measure service. Try-before-you-buy allows you to make a more informed decision on what wheelchair you choose to purchase.

Meet Tommie!

Tommie, a young man who had out-grown his TiLite Twist wheelchair and was in need of something more suitable. Tommie’s new wheelchair is a Veloce with striking red protectors, a fantastic lightweight folding manual wheelchair. Tommie has kindly donated his 2017 TiLite twist to another child in need.

Mum Lisa says: Tommie has always had wheelchairs from Gerald Simonds. These wheelchairs are fab and in Tommie’s words “not grandma wheelchairs”‘ (Sorry Grandma!)

Representation in the media

We are slowly seeing changes in the media with representation. Children, teenagers and adults with disabilities are being represented more, but not enough. The BBC recently shared an article about a few toys that have recently been produced such as Toy Wheelchairs boosting self esteem in children with wheelchairs and the popular Barbie, who turned 60 this year (what’s her secret?!) celebrated with releasing Barbie with a wheelchair and a prosthetic leg. Of course, this is just the start as there is so much more that can be done!

Mum Lisa continues to say: ‘All the Gerald Simonds staff that we have come across or spoken to over the phone have been second to none and we will continue using them for the foreseeable future.’

At Gerald Simonds, we are so delighted to hear of a happy customer and wish Tommie and mum Lisa all the best!

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