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The Levo Stand Up Wheelchair Range

Standing is associated with a number of health benefits

At Gerald Simonds, we are the proud U.K distributors for LEVO stand-up wheelchairs. A fantastic innovative chair allowing you to safely stand-up to a comfortable position to interact with your day.  Levo have a range of standing options, designed for individual needs, all offering the same health benefits. Levo are the original innovators of standing wheelchairs over 40 years. Manufactured with Swiss precision, LEVO distributes the most complete line of standing wheelchairs to 32 countries, Gerald Simonds being the UK distributor.


The Levo Range

Levo C3:

The Levo C3 is a great option for people on the move as it’s powerful, agile and easy to handle.  This standing wheelchair option has a fantastic power base; with four powerful wheels for superior traction and agility allowing you to crawl over curbs up to 10cm. With multiple programming options, great for tight spaces and it also performs well outdoors, climbing ramps up to 10 degrees. The Levo C3 smoothly transitions to a standing chair with automatic wheel base adjustments, as well as automatic lengthening/matching the extension of the back and legs during transition to standing and seating! The Levo C3 offers the option of a power recline and tilt.

Have you read our fantastic case study? Ex-British Army Veteran uses a stand-up wheelchair, Levo C3 at his wedding!

Levo Combi:

The Levo Combi fits into everyday life with power mobility and customisation. Transition from full recline to full stand smoothly and securely and stop anywhere in between! Levo Combi stand-up wheelchair offers easy manoeuvres within your home and work – indoors and outdoors.

Levo also has a Combi Junior, providing secure and active support for your child. Just like the adult version, the junior stand up chair has multiple power and seating systems allowing the child to drive the Levo Combi Junior even while in the standing position. The Combi has a range of accessories including adjustable growth plates creating a product that grows with your child for many years.

Levo LAE:

With an active lifestyle you want a wheelchair to keep up with you and meet your demands. The Levo LAE allows you to sit, stand or position yourself at all angles in between so you’re ready to elevate yourself for work, join your friends at the bar or sit down for dinner. With the Levo LAE you choose the level which works for you! The LAE has a complete standing position of 85 degrees, six ground stability points ensuring solid and secure standing positions and gas springs to move you into a controlled position through an easy one hand operation!

Our customer Mitch, a hairdresser found the Levo LAE stand-up wheelchair life changing, read his story!

Levo LCEV:

The Levo LCEV is a lightweight manually propelled power standing wheelchair. It is a light power sit-to-stand wheelchair allowing the user to live an active lifestyle without sacrificing the convenience of an electric motor-driven transition between sitting and standing. The Levo LCEV stand-up manual wheelchair stands at the touch of a switch, with the ability to stop securely at any position in between. A great stable and safe standing chair which mirrors your body mechanics in all seating and standing positions!

Levo Summit:

The Levo Summit’s innovative design delivers the features of an active wheelchair allowing you to reach the perfect standing position, from any seating position you choose. The Levo Summit stand-up wheelchair combines the lowest stand-up wheelchair weight with the highest user capacity in the market. Easily configurable and convertible to individual needs with an easy transfer.


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