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Standing Frames – Easystand

Easystand | The Next Generation of Standing Frames

Our EasyStand range of standing frames have been designed to assist people with a wide range of standing requirements.

The EasyStand Evolv , our bespoke modular standing frame is one of the most versatile standing frames available. The base unit has been designed to meet the standing needs of most individuals however there is a comprehensive range of positioning options available for people who require additional support.

Easystand Evolve – Standing Frame

As all therapists will know, no two users are ever the same, therefore with in excess of 60 standing options available every EasyStand Evolv is specifically tailored to meet the user’s own individual requirements. If the unit is being used in an environment where there will be more than one user, the range of positioning options enables staff to make the necessary adjustments for different users.  To assist with transferring, the EasyStand Evolv is available with swing-away fronts, transfer and rotating seats, removable backs and elevated legs.  The EasyStand Evolv is available from £2543.00.

A Standing Frame for Exercise

For users who require a standing frame which can also be used to help with exercise as part of their rehabilitation programme, our EasyStand Glider is ideal.  The active standing technology incorporated within the EasyStand Glider means it is unlike any other standing frame as it enables the user to move the handles with their arms which creates a reciprocal movement in their legs which combine to provide a lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening.

To ensure, the user does not over exert themselves, an adjustable resistance cylinder enables the user and their therapist to put together a programme starting from minimal resistance and then gradually increasing this over a period of time as their strength develops.  The EasyStand Glider is available from £5656.00 and is already being used in hospitals and rehabilitation centres across the UK to help therapists working with people with a wide range of conditions including spinal cord injuries, strokes, Cerebral Palsy and MS.

Stand Without Transferring

The EasyStand StrapStand is an adult standing frame which has been designed to assist adults between 5” and 6’5” in height and weighing upto 350lbs to transfer directly from their wheelchair to a standing frame.  The StrapStand features ergonomically designed lifting arms which greatly reduce the pressure which can be put through the knees when someone is transferring.

Therapists and patients in hospitals, care homes and rehabilitation centres around the UK are already seeing the benefits of the EasyStand StrapStand which has been designed to be as user friendly as possible and works in three easy steps:

(1) Position the straps under the buttocks

(2) Attach the straps to the lifting arms

(3) Pump the actuator handle to the standing position – it really is as simple as that.

Image result for EasyStand StrapStand

All therapists are aware that extended wheelchair use following an injury or surgery can cause hips and knees to tighten.  By using the EasyStand StrapStand, they are able to comfortably move their patients up into a standing position much earlier which helps with their recovery.  The EasyStand StrapStand is available from £2733.00.

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