Special Light
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Special Light

£4,150.00 exc. VAT

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Special Light Triride | Technical specifications

Even more powerful with advanced electronics in Triride that enhances its features and adds even more traction control performance in order to face everyday life with so much energy in a simple and practical way.
Versatile, lightweight, speed, it ensures high performance, suitable for all the different situations. It is very easy to use with its weight of 8,4 Kilo. Battery life makes 50 km travelling possible and countryside, forest trails, green ways will no longer be beyond your reach. It stands for a great tool that will revolutionise the mobility of people with disabilities.
Different colours are available, there are several optional and accessories to live a new life with Triride.

• Patented model and registered trademark
• Max Power 750W with 36V and 1000W with 48V
• Electronics by Triride
• Reverse
• Cruise Control
• Assisted Load
• Electronic Brake
• Weight: 8,9 Kg
• 12” or 14″ driving wheel with strengthened aluminium rim
• LCD Display
• Lithium-ion battery without “memory effect”
• Powerful disc brake
• Tire selection: City or Cross
• Stainless steel frame
• Speed compliant with legal standards
• 5 Speed levels
• TÜV and CE Certifications
• Medical device recording number of Official register: 1560509

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