TiLite TRA
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TiLite TRA

£3,408.00 exc. VAT

Please Note: Prices stated are for the BASIC chair. The cost of optional extras would increase this price, depending on your choices. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.



The TiLite TRA Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

Imagine the best, then go beyond, then you will arrive at the TiLite TRA. With the power and style of its titanium dual-tubed frame, TiFit precision, and full adjustability, the TRA has it all. The result is performance and comfort, built around you.

Imagine the best, then go beyond, then you will arrive at the TiLite TRA. Performance and comfort built around you.

CUSTOM CONFIGURATION: Custom Configuration allows you to add options and components to your chair to meet your needs and to optimize your riding experience. This includes choices of wheels, handrims, tires, wheel locks, colour, tattoos, and more. TiLite offers more options than any other manufacturer.


  • Frame Features: Titanium Dual-Tube Rigid TiFit Limited Adjustability
  • Total Chair Width*: 23”
  • Seat Width: 12” – 20”
  • Seat Depth: 12” – 20”
  • Front Seat Height: 15” – 21”
  • Rear Seat Height: 13” – 21”
  • Front Frame Angle: 70º, 75º, 80º, 85º, or 90º
  • Seat Back Type: Folding Seat Back
  • Adj. Height: 8.5” – 21”
  • Adj. Angle: 80° – 101°
  • Camber: 0º, 2º, 4º, 6º, 8º or 12º
  • Centre of Gravity Adjustment: 5”
  • Front Seat Width (Seat Taper): 0”, 1”, 2”, 3”
  • Transit Options Q-Straint: Lock Down Approved
  • Transport Weight*: 11.1 lb.
  • Weight Limit: 265 lb. Standard  350 lb. Heavy Duty
  • HCPCS Code: K0005
  • Warranty: Five Years on Frame One Year on TiLite Components
  • Compatible with: E-Fix NO / E-Motion YES

Please Note*:
Weights and widths based on 16” x 16” chair with 0º camber, minimum rear wheel spacing and all standard features. Rear wheels are not included in transport weight. For reference, a pair of standard 24” rear wheels weighs 7.2 lb.

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