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FreeWheel & FAT wheel – The Perfect Duo

Enjoy a more active lifestyle with the FreeWheel & FAT wheels

 Wish your manual wheelchair was was capable of taking you over more uneven terrain such as mud, thick grass, and unkept roads?

Introducing the FreeWheel and Fat Wheels – join thousands of wheelchair users now enjoying even more freedom and independence in their wheelchair.

Designed to help wheelchair users enjoy a more active lifestyle. The FreeWheel attaches to the front of a manual wheelchair and lifts the front castors off the ground, therefore turning a standard wheelchair into a sturdy three-wheeler, which can tackle almost any type of terrain!

The large front wheel has less resistance than small castors , therefore making it easier to roll on any surface, whether the user is alone, or with a companion. Users with a folding frame wheelchair can easily attach the FreeWheel with the use of a simple adaptor. The FreeWheel can also be attached to paediatric wheelchairs and is available in a choice of colours.

The Fat Wheels work in perfect harmony with the FreeWheel and have been designed for use when planning to travel over terrain which is more extreme. The unique design of the Fat Wheels mean they can be used as a direct swap for standard 24” wheels. They are fitted with a Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre with wraparound tread, which is made from Schwalbe’s off-road racing compound with 12mm bearing available as an option.

Additional features of the Fat Wheels include a black powder coated push rim, 507mm rims and an offset hub to space the tyre away from the side of the chair, all of which combine to provide enhanced grip and performance. Allowing you to travel over terrain you never thought was possible – until now!

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