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Titanium or Aluminium?

One of the most important choices youíll make is the material of your chair frame: Aluminium or Titanium? TiLite makes the best chairs in both titanium and aluminium so that you can choose whatís right for you. To help you make that choice, we provide an overview of both materials below.


Titanium is an ideal material for premium frames. It is a more costly material because it is difficult to refine and process, also requiring expertise and precision in welding and bending. TiLite utilises an alloy of titanium with 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This alloy is known as Ti 3-2.5 and was developed for the aerospace industry and is found on virtually all commercial and military airplanes in the western world.


A unique property of titanium is its unparalleled strength and high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning we can use less titanium while still building a stronger frame. Using less material also leads to a lighter frame and reduces the cost difference between titanium and other materials.

Smooth Ride

Titanium dampens vibration, decreasing the amount of vibration transmitted to the user. The result is a smoother ride that benefits the rider while on the move by minimising bumps and jolts, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.


Titanium does not rust or corrode. Its strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance means that the frame structure will take a pounding without failing. While other metals start to fatigue with repetitive use, titanium does not show signs of wear even after years of use!


Aluminiumís mechanical properties, including high strength and light weight, make it a good fit for wheelchair frame production. Because it is easier to work with, aluminium is less costly. TiLite uses 6061-T6 aluminium alloy that combines aluminium with magnesium and silicon. 6061 aluminium is commonly used in heavy duty structures requiring good corrosion resistance and in high pressure applications.


Although aluminium does not have the same strength characteristics as titanium, it is a lightweight material that lends itself to frame design and construction. When you add in the adjustability (such as seat and rear wheel position) that TiLite includes in all its chairs, you end up with a chair that is lightweight and easy to propel.

Cost Effective

Because aluminium is readily available and easy to work with, it is also relatively inexpensive. Thus, for some, even if it means forgoing the benefits of titanium, aluminium is a more affordable choice. But donít be fooled by cheap imitations. Get the best in aluminium chairs. TiLite.

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