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Welcome To Tilite And Gerald Simonds

The Ultimate Team

Gerald Simonds are UK distributors for TiLite wheelchairs. World leading wheelchairs that combine unequalled customisation with the most advanced materials. They are designed to help you live your life to the maximum, experience reduced body stress and maintain optimal posture, by providing improved ride characteristics and long term cost benefits. And they look brilliant!

At Gerald Simonds we provide the highest levels of support, before and after sale. We understand how important choice is and that no matter what kind of chair you have, quality, reliability, and comfort are paramount.

Our skilled advisors will never settle for less.

TiLite wheelchairs provide the smoothest, most comfortable ride of any wheelchair available. The ultimate ride backed by the ultimate in service.

Titanium or Aluminium?

Which one is right for you?

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TiLite and Gerald Simonds. The Ultimate Team.

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Folding Wheelchairs

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