Levo LCEV Standing Wheelchair

Levo LCEV Standing Wheelchair

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With the Levo LCEV, simply pressing a button changes the seat angle, putting the user in a standing position, easily and comfortably. Suitable for all wheelchair users up to 120kg body weight whose muscles will not support standing unaided and whose finger and arm control is sufficient at least on one side.

Levo LCEV | Technical Specifications

  • Manual chair with power standing technology.
  • Many options & accessories available including Spinergy wheels.
  • Crash Tested
  • Compatible with: E-Fix NO / E-Motion YES
  • Seat Width: 14
  • User Weight Limit: 265lbs/120kg
  • Overall Width: 52.25cm – 67cm / 20.9
  • Overall Length: 82.5cm – 102cm / 33
  • Battery: 7Ah X 2
  • Range: N/A
  • Speed: N/A