TiLite Twist Ex Demo
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TiLite Twist Ex Demo

£350.00 exc. VAT

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TiLite Twist Ex Demo Wheelchair

Introducing the TiLite Twist, built from the ground up for a growing child. Innovation and creativity are woven into every aspect of this chair. The Twist encourages exploration and allows children to learn new skills in a safe environment.

Specific details of this wheelchair:

  • Seat width 9-11”
  • Seat depth – 11-14”
  • Front seat height 15.5”
  • Rear seat height – 14”
  • Back height 11”
  • 22” wheels
  • Flip back footplate
  • Tall centre mounted push handle
  • Anti-tips
  • 4” Billet aluminium soft roll castors
  • Single sided forks

£350 ONO

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