Carbon Black II

£3,995.00 exc. VAT

Carbon Black II

£3,995.00 exc. VAT

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Carbon Black II | Manual Wheelchair

The CarbonBlack wheelchair is the next step in carbon fibre technology for wheelchairs. Lighter and stronger than the CarbonBlack I, we have brought the best of the original back with new innovations and design to give our customers the best experience possible.

All chairs are built to a 19” front ride height with a 2” drop from front to back. Standard chairs have 4” castors and are set to a +3 /balanced COG.
In some cases, it may be necessary to change the castor size or ride height to accommodate the chosen leg length.

The Carbon Black Wheelchair

Width Options: 15″/16″/17″/18″

Depth Options: 15″/16″/17″/18″

Leg Length Options: 14″/15″/16″/17″/18″

Optional Extras:

  • Clothes Guards: £199.00
  • LED lights: £30.00
  • Deluxe LED Lights: £130.00
  • Tarta Black Edition: £650.00
  • Tarta Bespoke Upgrade: £POA
  • LH Pouch:£75.00
  • Dust Cover/Storage Bag: £199.00
  • Travel Case: £299.00
  • Handles Metal: £249.00
  • Handles Carbon: £449.00
  • Anti Tip Device: £170.00


  • Matt Finish: Included
  • Gloss Finish: £299.00
  • Painted Finish: £299.00