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Since being established in1983 as a distributor of high quality wheelchairs, Gerald Simonds has become a pioneer in the field of lightweight manual, powered and standing wheelchairs and seating systems.

Gerald Simonds was the UK distributor of the original Swede 24 wheelchair, one of the first lightweight rigid framed wheelchairs in production. Finding ready acceptance of the new generation of manual wheelchairs, the company grew to its present position as leading UK supplier of high quality wheelchairs. Our range has also grown to include a wide range of pressure relieving and positioning wheelchair cushions and mattresses.

From the outset the company had a growing interest in how the application of new materials and techniques could best serve the needs of disabled people, an interest reinforced by the design of new lightweight wheelchairs which provided greater independence and quality of life for the user. The growth of sports therapy programmes improved the physical function of disabled people and empowered many individuals who wanted to achieve more. This increased the demand for 'performance' wheelchairs made of new materials such as aluminium, titanium and composites.

Swede 24

The Gerald Simonds range now includes wheelchairs, powerchairs, powerdrives, seating and pressure area care products and walking aids. Our added value service begins with impartial advice on the right solution for individual needs, backed by expert assessments and no-obligation demonstrations. We then provide long term after sale and customer support.

Picture: The original Swede 24, one of the first lightweight rigid framed wheelchairs.

Gerald Simonds Healthcare

To provide long term help to our customers, to enhance their health, mobility, comfort, dignity and quality of life by applying specialist knowledge to the provision of high quality products and services.

Our Quality System

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For More than 12 years, Gerald Simonds Healthcare Ltd. has been a member of LEVO’s worldwide distributor network. During this long-term relationship, we experienced this company and its whole team as a trustful and reliable expert and partner in our industry with one goal in their mind – "customer satisfaction"!

LEVO’s mission statement also says – "LEVO designs, builds, delivers and supports innovative mobility solutions that improve our clients' quality of life!" Gerald Simonds Healthcare Ltd. during all these years, combined with their company focus "customer satisfaction", have supported our philosophy being professionally recognized with our stand-up wheelchairs in the whole United Kingdom.

LEVO wants to say thank you and congratulations to each individual of the very motivated and professional team players of Gerald Simonds Healthcare Ltd. – regardless if in sales, service or administration they all do a great job for us!

Thomas Raeber

LEVO AG, Switzerland
Thomas Raeber, CEO


Dear Team at Gerald Simonds Healthcare,

A word of thanks from TiLite.

The team of Gerald Simonds Healthcare and TiLite has been in full swing for close to a decade. TiLite’s role has been to continually develop world-class mobility, which we do with help from our partners, like you. GSH’s role has been to place these products underneath the greatest number of people who would benefit from them. Aahh, simplicity.

Well, we know that it isn’t. Success depends upon untangling a multitude of criss-crossed threads and reorienting them to point in the same direction. This requires effective leadership, shared vision, agility and consistent execution. What I see at GSH are highly competent and motivated people with a clear understanding of the company’s vision. In fact, the GSH vision is so clear that it continually translates into successful execution of the company’s long-term strategy.

What does this mean to TiLite? Well, most importantly, it means that there are an ever-greater number of people in the United Kingdom who benefit from super light, great fitting, and amazingly durable TiLite wheelchairs. TiLite benefits by being able to build all of those chairs. Neither of these things could occur without the elixir that makes GSH GSH.

GSH succeeds. And we do too. Thank you.

David Lippes
Founder & CEO


Sunrise Medical are proud to have Gerald Simonds Healthcare as one of our Elite Dealers, supplying our range of Breezy® and Quickie® wheelchairs and Jay® wheelchair seating products and, indeed, they are our preferred supplier of Jay® into the NHS.

The GSH sales team includes some of the best experts in the industry, consistently performing at the highest levels in terms of service and commitment to prescribing the right product in the right configuration for their clients every time.

Without hesitation Sunrise Medical would recommend Gerald Simonds Healthcare - both to private retail customers looking for an accurate and efficient assessment, and to NHS Wheelchair Services seeking a professional and experienced partner.

Jim Barratt
VP Commercial Operations - UK, Scandinavia and Australasia
Sunrise Medical


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