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Stimulite Lightweight Cushions

What makes them special?

StimuLite Lightweight Cushions

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that has 'memory', Stimulite® is lightweight and distributes weight uniformly across its surface. Its cellular matrix consists of alternating thick and thin walled cells that flex when compressed to relieve pressure.

When a user sits on a Stimulite cushion, the compressed cells radiate outwards to surround and support the anatomy, self-adjusting to each individual while providing excellent stability. A unique ventilation system consisting of tiny perforations in the cell walls allows air to circulate both horizontally and vertically, creating an ideal microclimate for long-term sitting comfort.

Since 1994 Stimulite cushions have provided Total Pressure Management® - pressure relief, shear reduction and ventilation to control heat and moisture - the key to pressure sore prevention. And, as its name implies, Stimulite provides an additional benefit important to long-term sitting comfort; the ‘footprint’ of the flexible cells stimulates capillary action, keeping oxygenated blood in tissues and combatting the numbness that can occur when sitting for long durations.

Stimulite is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and allergen free and both cushion and covers are machine washable.

Click to Download DocumentClinical Evaluation

Click to Download DocumentClinical Trial Report - Ultrasound Analysis

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How Stimulite® works

geometry of honeycomb

1. Double walls in 'L' direction
(example: .020" T)

2. Single walls in 'W' direction
(example: .010" T)

3. Multiple cell radii (eight to each cell)

The distinguishing geometry of aerospace honeycomb

15st 10lb (100kg) person on foam cushion

15st 10lb (100kg) person on
foam cushion

15st 10lb (100kg) person on Stimulite cushion

15st 10lb (100kg) person on
Stimulite cushion


Skin maceration is softening of the skin as a result of continual exposure to heat and bodily fluids or moisture. Severely softened or macerated skin is less tolerant of pressure and shearing and can lead to breakdown. Stimulite honeycomb is perforated, enabling air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, thus helping to maintain skin integrity. The 'footprint' of the honeycomb cells and their flexing action stimulates blood flow to enhance circulation.


Stimulite honeycomb relieves pressure by distributing it away from hot spots. As a result, bony protuberances ‘feel’ the same pressure as the surrounding anatomy. The honeycomb cells conform to body shape, and distribute weight uniformly. Additionally, Stimulite honeycomb stabilises any position due to the axial buttressing of the honeycomb cell walls perpendicular to the anatomy.


The horizontal stiffness of a material determines both its shear resistance and stability. Too much stiffness increases shear forces, too little decreases stability. Stimulite honeycomb minimises shearing with no loss in stability. The honeycomb cells align themselves axially to the body, flex with movement to reduce shear forces and then instantaneously resume their original shape.

Did you know?

The honeycomb used in Stimulite cushions is used in ski helmets and back protectors, theme park rides and many other items for its durable lightness, strength and shock absorbing qualities. It is even used in the aviation industry for its soft, flexible properties and unique cell qualities that promote circulation and alleviate discomfort on long flights.


Supracor, Stimulite, Total Pressure Management and Corbee are registered trademarks and Slimline is a trademark of Supracor, Inc.

Stimulite Cushions Clinical Trial Report

Click to Download DocumentDownload the Clinical Trial Report - Ultrasound Analysis

Click to Download DocumentDownload the Clinical Evaluation

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