Relax Easy High Profile Cushion
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Relax Easy High Profile Cushion

£195.00 exc. VAT

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• Fully Rotational – No top, bottom, front or back

• High density viscoelastic foam with silicone fluid gel at its core, provides superior pressure redistribution and immersion
• Silicone oil is centered between the two layers of slow foam, it contains preformed channels to make sure the oil is evenly distributed
• Conforms to the shape of the user, increasing surface
• Thanks to additional height and materials, the Easy High profile offers pressure relief for up to 190kg
• Increased depth of memory foam and silicone oil allows for greater immersion and comfort
• Combination of materials reduces ‘hammock’ effect
• Ideal for a user requiring additional stability, and/or greater cushion depth in their wheelchair
• Includes outer cover