Quickie Salsa M2 Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair
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Quickie Salsa M2 Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

£6,330.00 exc. VAT

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The next evolution in powered wheelchair performance and style.

The new QUICKIE Salsa-M2 powered wheelchair effortlessly balances superb indoor manoeuvrability with outstanding outdoor performance and sleek design.  With an ultra-compact turning circle and base, it’s great for narrow or confined spaces.  Getting under tables or in/out of vehicles is easy with its lower-than-ever seat to floor height (from 43 cm). When outdoors, You’re always ensured of a smooth and stable ride with the all-wheel suspension and anti-pitch technology – not to mention a stylish ride with 4 eye-catching body colours and a beautiful design that’s sure to turn heads.

Standard Features 

  • Mid Wheel Drive Base
  • 6 Wheel Independent Suspension
  • 7cm Kerb Climbing Ability
  • 13″ Drive Wheels
  • 60Ah Batteries
  • 61cm Overall Width