Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

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The Salsa M2 Mini is one of the narrowest mid-wheel drive power chairs on the market!
It has great indoor manoeuvrability due to its 52cm wide base and 110cm turning circle, manoeuvring in tight spaces is no longer an issue as this sleek design fits effortlessly through narrow environments.
The Salsa M2 Mini has a patented 6 wheel suspension system and anti-pitch technology so you can feel safe and comfortable outdoors even going over rough terrain.

The full range of features and options are available on the Salsa M2 Mini so it can be customised exactly to your needs.

Key Features:

  • 6 wheel independent suspension
  • 7 cm kerb climbing ability
  • VR2 70Ah controller or R-Net 90A motor controller
  • 12.5″ solid or pneumatic drive wheels
  • manual tilt
  • mechanical fixed recline back
  • flip-up armrests
  • Crash Tested


  • attendant and dual control
  • R-Net LED/LCD remote
  • R-Net Gyro
  • powered centre of gravity tilt / powered lift and tilt
  • manual gas strut recline back / powered recline back
  • alternative armrests that recline with or without additional support
  • headrest
  • Jay backrest and cushion
  • manual and powered elevating legrests
  • LED lights and indicators


Chair Weight: 97kg – 128kg

Seat Width: 41-51cm (16-20″)

User Weight Limit: 140kg (22 stone)

Overall Width: 52cm

Overall Length: 112cm

Battery: 36Ah

Range: up to 14 miles (23km)

Speed: 2 mph (3.2kph) / 4 mph (6kph) / 6 mph (10kph)

Unlike other indoor powerchairs you don’t have to compromise on outdoor performance, the Salsa M2 Mini uses exactly the same drive base as the Salsa M2, just narrower – so all of the great features you get on a bigger outdoor powerchair are packed into the world’s narrowest mid-wheel drive powerchair.