Q700 Series Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

Q700 Series Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

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The NEW Q700 Series from Sunrise Medical offers the following:

  • Mid (MWD), Front (FWD), or Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
  • Sedeo Ergo or Sedeo Pro seating
  • Mid (MWD) or Front Wheel Drive (FWD) with Powered Stand UP and Sedeo Ergo seating
  • Powered recline, seat tilt and seat lift are available as options
  • Lie down can be achieved with Sedeo Ergo seating
  • The UP comes with a standing feature

Crash tested

Seat Width: up to 560mm Q700 / up to 500mm Q700-UP

User Weight Limit: 160kg Q700 / 120kg Q700-UP

Overall Width: 640mm RWD & FWD / 622-660mm MWD

Overall Length: up to 1370mm RWD / up to 1190mm MWD / up to 1340mm FWD

Battery: 60 Ah standard / 80 Ah optional

Range: up to 40km (25miles)

Speed: 6 & 8kph standard / 10 & 13kph optional

Offering three different drive bases and incorporating market-leading technologies to provide the best drive performance and traction whatever your driving style. The Q700 series ensures all needs are catered for whilst providing the most bespoke fit to ensure maximum comfort.