Puma 20 Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

Puma 20 Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchair

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Puma 20. Simply good driving. Designed to empower you. With Puma 20, Handicare introduces a no-nonsense power wheelchair for great driving indoors and outdoors. Robust, practical and affordable, with a distinguishing design and upgradeable comfort.

Truly modular in design, Puma 20 offers you the flexibility you need to create a perfect mobility solution for your clients, enhancing independence in everyday life. With ease and cost-effectively. Front or rear wheel drive, Puma 20 comes with good suspension and renowned electronics ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

High speed and a large range with 74 Ah battery option. Highly manoeuvrable with strong motors and high torque.

Compact design and low seat height for easy indoor use. The robust Sedeo Lite seat frame – maximum user weight up to 136 kg – can be combined with a wide range of Sedeo seating options for enhanced comfort. 25° electrical tilt adjustment and lights options available.

Crash Tested

Seat Width: 42-51cm

User Weight Limit: 136kg

Overall Width: 61-65.5cm

Overall Length: 160cm

Simply good driving. Designed to empower you. Robust, practical and affordable, Puma 20 offers simply good driving in every situation. And many optional extras.Naturally, you expect your power wheelchair to take you comfortably wherever you want to go. And offer you all the essential functions you need for an active daily life. In short, a modern mobility product that fits your own lifestyle. This is fully reflected in Handicare’s brand new Puma 20.