Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot
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Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot

£49.95 exc. VAT

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The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot provides excellent comfort and pressure reduction for patients with a ’high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area. For patients with pressure damage, the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot can be an effective solution for wound healing, as its unique design allows for heel offloading. 

The use of heel protection devices such as the Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot is a very effective intervention for preventing heel damage in patients and is a valuable resource in the treatment of existing pressure ulcers.


Maxxcare Boots – Review by Sue Simonds

Caroline very kindly gave me a pair of Maxxcare boots. They are wonderful! As I can no longer move my legs and feet in bed, I was in some danger of skin breakdown on my heels. This, I have learned over the years, can be very dangerous and to be avoided at all costs, which is where the boots come in.

They are soft, cushioned, (obviously) and you can even walk in them if necessary. Very good product, I’m very pleased with them. I even mentioned them to my physiotherapist last week who is aware of them and rates them highly.

All in all, a very good product without which my heels would be suffering.

Sue Simonds

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