Buffalo 150 Transfer Board
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Buffalo 150 Transfer Board

£46.95 exc. VAT

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Easy-glide synthetic fibre board for user transfer. It is designed to be easily transportable, in fact, it is only 4 millimetres thick and has a handle hole. The Buffalo 150 board is brightly coloured and has a double notch for greater stability and to ensure maximum safety during transfer. The composite fibre ensures high resistance and avoids harmful chipping of the surface which occurs over time with other materials.

Dimensions are:
77cm length x 32.5 width x 0.4cm thick. Weight is only 1.23kg and weight load capacity is 150kg.

• Why is it so thin? Because it has to pass under the buttocks/legs of the user. And some users are not able to lift those parts of their body more than a few cm or mm.
• Why is it so smooth/slippery? Because in this way the user can slide easily from one end to the other.
• Why is it slightly flexible? Because the user might have to use it to move between two objects at a different height (for example from toilet to wheelchair, bed to chair, wheelchair to car) and this offers better comfort.
• Why is it shaped like a banana? Because this allows a dual support (where the user transfer begins and where it ends) and also allows a semi-circular movement.
• Why is there no grip on the bottom? Because many users prefer to have a sliding aid that they can slip out easily when the transfer is finished and the board is under their buttocks/legs.
• Why the handle? To allow some users (tetraplegics or people with generally reduced strength) to manoeuvre it easily.
• Why the double notch? To get closer to chair armrests and wheelchairs.
• Why is it made of plastic and not wood like the “old style” boards? Because the old ones are heavy and dangerous. Many board users do not have sensitivity on their skin and wood boards often have chips and nicks on the surface.
CE certified, class I medical device, made in Italy, registered design.