Helio C2

£2,495.00 exc. VAT

Helio C2

£2,495.00 exc. VAT

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The Helio C2 offers unrivaled strength and durability through the use of cutting edge carbon fiber technology. From frame materials to components, every detail of the Helio C2 is optimised to help you go further.

The Helio C2’s innovative engineering begins with its symmetrical crossbrace and one-piece side frame. This reduces weight and distributes forces equally throughout the frame for superior energy transfer and propulsion efficiency. Get more mileage out of your energy! Everybody benefits from an easier to propel wheelchair and the unique ultra-rigid folding system from Motion Composites maximises frame rigidity and energy conservation.

Folding Unibody Frame – A unibody frame is much stronger and needs less maintenance than a standard two-part frame. It also reduces weight while maximising propulsion efficiency. Symmetrical Molded Crossbrace 3D – Entirely symmetrical carbon fiber crossbrace for reduced torsion and better energy distribution  throughout the frame.

Chair Weight: 12 lbs (5.4kg) (w/o rear wheels & footrest)

Seat Width: 14

User Weight Limit: 250lbs (113kg) HD 350Lbs (159kg)

The Helio C2 is what a folding wheelchair should be. Made from  High-Modulus Carbon T700 – the lightest and most rigid material available, also renowned for is vibration dampening properties, the Helio C2 maximises frame rigidity and energy conservation.


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