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Relax with Trulife range of wheelchair cushions

Relax with Trulife range of wheelchair cushions

Always looking for new and innovative products to add to our range that enhance the independence and comfort for wheelchair users, we are excited to launch the Relax Range of pressure relieving wheelchair cushions from manufacturer Trulife.

Trulife is an internationally based and managed group engaged in the creation, development and manufacture of niche healthcare products. In 1958 Trulife created the world’s first commercially successful external breast prosthesis, and today, almost 60 years later, enjoys a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of silicone-based healthcare and medical products.

Their expansion into the development of pressure-relieving products began over 20 years ago when starting to pursue other uses for silicone, borne organically from their expertise in the use and manufacture of this specialised material. Trulife are now market leaders in many countries around the world for pressure relieving products to help prevent operating room-acquired pressure sores & injuries.

It is through working with silicone, and understanding its distinctive qualities, namely, its ability to redistribute pressure, reduce shear and friction that Trulife entered the wheelchair cushion market.

The Relax range offers a wide range of pressure relieving cushions for people at risk of developing pressure sores. The range has been designed to redistribute weight, provide exceptional pressure relief and optimum comfort, at an affordable cost; bringing a better quality of life to the user.

Incorporated into the Relax range are the "Gelcell", "CoolCell" and "Gelcell G2", these cushions use a unique combination of air and gel. The air in the cushion enhances capillary function, whilst the silicone based gel enhances pressure re-distribution, minimising the effects of shear forces, whilst having a positive effect on skin temperature.

Other cushions in the range use a combination of viscoelastic foams and silicone based gels that conform to the shape of the user, to provide the ultimate in comfort, and stability.

If you would like more information on the range or to arrange a trial then visit our website here www.gerald-simonds.co.uk or contact us on 01296 380200

Trulife manufacture products in Ireland, UK, USA and Canada and maintain a global presence through a network of more than 300 distributor companies in over 90 countries.

Gerald Simonds Healthcare is delighted to become the official distributor for the Relax range, here in the UK. (excluding Northern Ireland).

Aug 2016

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